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Social Anthropology:


Roslyn Malcolm

Roslyn Malcolm
Roslyn Malcolm
Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
+44 (0)131 623 2860
Research Interests
Autism, Biomedical knowledge(s), practices and technologies, Embodiment, Emergent Forms of Life, Empathy, Intersubjectivity, Medical Anthropology, Human-animal relationships

PhD Thesis

"It just opens up their world": Autism and the therapeutic effects of equine interventions.


Dr Stefan Ecks

Dr Martyn Pickersgill


Malcolm, R. (forthcoming). '“We all share the same system”: bioelectrical beings and currents of communication'. In Our Lives with Electric Things. Fieldsights:  Theorizing the Contemporary series. Cultural Anthropology [online]. 

Malcolm, R., Ecks, S. & Pickersgill, M. (2017) "It Just Opens Up Their World": Autism, Empathy, and the Therapeutic Effects of Equine Interactions. Anthropology & Medicine [online].

Malcolm, R. (2015) Book Review. 'Worlds of Autism: Across the Spectrum of Neurological Difference'. New Genetics and Society [online]. 9th October 2015.

Conferences and Workshops

'"Tuning in" and ‘tuning out": From deep pressure to "finding the right pressure" in equine therapy, May 2017, The Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics, Social Science Seminar Series, Universtiy of Edinburgh.

'"The horses are the pinnacle of sensory input": treating sensory processing disorder with horse-based "sensory work"' at the Advanced Workshop for Anthropological Research on Health, Medicine, and Wellbeing, March  2017, Durham University (prize for best paper).

'"The horses are the pinnacle of sensory input": 'sensory work' and the question of sensory integration.{C}{C}' Students of Medical Anthropology (SoMA) Work in Progress Workshop Feburary 2017, University of Edinburgh.

The horses, they just know”: the enacted practices of equine therapy as a treatment for autism spectrum disorders at  ‘Nonhuman Animals and Posthuman Futures’, British Sociological Association Graduate Symposium, July 2015, Warwick University. 

Grants and Awards

2016 The Gilchrist Educational Trust - Fieldwork Grant
2016 Principal's Go Abroad Fund - Research Project Grant 
2014 & 2016 The JTH Charitable Trust - Educational Grant
2014 - 2018  ESRC Doctoral Sudentship  3 + 1

Teaching (Tutor)

 2015  - Social Anthropology 1B