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Social Anthropology:



Recent Graduates

Name Title Research Interests Contact Information
No Photo Lucy Bull Childhood and Youth Studies,ethnography,national identity,organizations and institutions
No Photo Dr Evangelos Chrysagis Ethics and morality,Music and sound,Do-it-Yourself / DiY  
Daisy Fung anthropology at home,chronic illness,chronicity,ordinary ethics,friendship,London,biography,citizenship,medical anthropology /
Marcelo Gonzalez Galvez Symmetric Anthropology,Anthropology of Knowledge,Amerindian Studies,Ethnicity and Identity,Indigenous Epistemologies  +44 (0)131 650 4203
Chandra Gurung
No Photo Gaia von Hatzfeldt Politics of transparency and accountability, governance, anti-corruption activism,Social movements, civil society,Anthropology of democracy, India
Luke Heslop Sri Lanka; class; kinship; families; business; politics; politicking; merchants and traders; markets; work; protests; performance; and vegetables.  
Dr László Lajtai Psychiatric Anthropology,Anthropological Linguistics,Mauritius,Indian Ocean,Inequality,Caste,Slavery and Slave Trade  +44 (0)131 6504688
Lucy Lowe Refugee studies,Reproductive Health,Maternity,Medical Anthropology,Immigration and asylum policy,Humanitarianism,Legal anthropology,Somalia,Kenya,Urban anthropology,Fertility  
Roslyn Malcolm Autism,Biomedical knowledge(s),practices and technologies,Embodiment,Emergent Forms of Life,Empathy,Intersubjectivity,Medical Anthropology,Human-animal relationships  +44 (0)131 623 2860
Iris Marchand
Dr Tristan Partridge Value,Collective Action,Work & Labour,Indigenous Life Projects,Energy & Infrastructure,Fracking
Tania Porqueddu Medical Anthropology,Population movement/migration and health,Medical pluralism,Anthropology of Pharmaceuticals,Anthropology of food,Transcultural psychiatry
Annie Ramirez Scottish Catholicism,Popular Religion and Institutional Religion,Community Belonging,Scottish Hebrides
No Photo Sarah Walker Kinship and relatedness (esp. marriage),Anthropology of the Middle East,Ritual and Religion