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Social Anthropology:


Heid Jerstad

Heid Jerstad
Dr Heid Jerstad
4.03 21 Buccleuch Place Edinburgh UK
+44 (0) 131 651 3997
Research Interests
Climate change, Weather, india, Himalayas


Climate change can appear to be an insurmountably large topic. My work endeavours to break down some of the implications of changing weather for human lives. 

What are the everyday implications of heat, cold and moisture for comfort, livelihood and health? How does the risk of illness from cold rain impact on work structures? How do landslide-prone mountain roads affect the experience of temporary labour migration? I am interested in these and other weather-related questions. 

My fieldwork was in an agropastoralist pahari village in north India (Himachal Pradesh) between October 2012 and March 2014.  

As part of the GCRF postdoc I am developing the Weather Matters hub as a space for exchange and debate among scholars of weather and climate change. Take a look and consider becoming part of the conversation.

This is my piece in Savage Minds on the anthropology of climate change:

And this is something I wrote on how to stay warm through working for Anthropology Today: