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Social Anthropology: Research


Bones Collective

Exploring the affective presence and emotive materiality of human bones.

The Bones Collective is an interdisciplinary research network of anthropologists, archaeologists, artists based at the University of Edinburgh who share an interest in human bones. We have hosted various events including a seminar series, workshop and conference panel, and numerous less formal conversations through which we have explored the affective presence and emotive materiality of human bones. We are keen to forge creative and constructive links with scholars elsewhere who share these interests and are working on related themes.

Statement of Interests

Our original "mainfesto" concerning the emotive materiality and affective presence of human remains.

People and Publications

Contact information for founder-members and key players in the Collective, along with selected publications.

Events past and upcoming

Events, Calls for Papers and Publication Announcements linked to the Collective and its members.

Projects and Exhbitions

Information concerning past and current projects, including intallations and exhibitions, involving the Collective and its members.

For further information, contact: 
John Harries
Joost Fontein

Joosts Jawbone