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CHAGOS: Cultural Heritage across Generations

An Arts & Humanities Research Council funded project aiming to facilitate the intergenerational transmission and digital sharing of the cultural heritage of the forcibly displaced and geographically dispersed Chagossian community.

Dr Laura Jeffery and Dr Rebecca Rotter

CHAGOS responds to community requests for assistance in preserving cultural heritage and raising public awareness of the Chagossian struggle.

CHAGOS entails workshops at which community elders share their knowledge with younger generations. Workshop themes include: coconut handicrafts, medicinal plants, cuisine, musical instruments, and song and dance. Recordings and artefacts from the workshops will generate physical exhibitions in Mauritius and Crawley and digital collections on our cultural heritage website (to be launched later in 2017). The project runs from May 2017–May 2018.

CHAGOS is a collaboration between: Dr Laura Jeffery and Dr Rebecca Rotter, social anthropologists at the University of Edinburgh; the Chagos Refugees Group; Crawley Museum; Professor Vinesh Hookoomsing, a linguist; Saradha Soobrayen, a poet; and Carolyn Murphy, an arts and heritage project manager.

The project poster is available here.

More information about the project is available at the AHRC grant page.

For enquiries, please email and

Chagossians making coconut milk