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Social Anthropology: Research


TRACES: Transmitting Contentious Cultural Heritages With the Arts

From Intervention to Co-production

Dr John Harries


TRACES, a new three-year research project, involves a multi-disciplinary team, bringing together established and emerging scholars, artists and cultural workers to undertake a series of Creative Co-Productions. Participants will work together in longer-term engagements, to collaboratively research selected cases of contentious heritage and to develop new participatory public interfaces.

A team of Edinburgh-based researchers, including John Harries (Social Anthropology), Linda Fibiger (Archaeology) and Joan Smith (ECA), form part of the funded project and will be working on a Creative Co-Production, entitled Dead Images, in collaboration with Tal Adler and Anna Szöke of the Humboldt University in Berlin and Maria Teschler-Nicola of the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

The art-based research will be supported and complemented by theoretical investigations, analysing and expanding its outcomes. The main goal of the TRACES project is to identify new directions for cultural institutions and museums to effectively transmit contentious cultural heritage and productively contribute to evolving European identities.

EU contribution: 2.303.858,75

Funding scheme: European Union, H2020 Reflective-Society 2-2015(GA 693857) Find out more via |

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