Blood Donation, Bioeconomy, Culture

Blood Donation, Bioeconomy, Culture
Blood Donation, Bioeconomy, Culture
Jacob Copeman (Ed.)
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This collection contains anthropological reflections on blood donation practices in different regional contexts including Brazil, China, India, the Navajo Nation, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, the  United States and elsewhere, and provides new ethnographic and theoretical insights on connections between blood donation and nationalism, warfare, kinship, the politics of infection, menstruation, sexual minorities, technological innovation, and shifting economic regimes. An afterword is provided by Marilyn Strathern.

Table of contents:

1. Introduction: Blood Donation, Bioeconomy, Culture - Jacob Copeman 

2. Solidarity and Distinction in Blood: Contamination, Morality and Variability - Jing Shao and Mary Scoggin

3. Glorious Deeds: Work Unit Blood Donation and Postsocialist Desires in Urban China - Kathleen Erwin, Vincanne Adams and Phuoc Le

4. Gathering Points: Blood Donation and the Scenography of 'National Integration' in India - Jacob Copeman

5. 'Please Give a Drop of Blood': Blood Donation, Conflict and the Haemato-Global Assemblage in Contemporary Sri Lanka - Bob Simpson

6. Alleviative Bleeding: Bloodletting, Menstruation and the Politics of Ignorance in a Brazilian Blood Donation Centre - Emilia Sanabria

7. Emplacement and Contamination: Mediation of Navajo Identity through Excorporated Blood - Maureen Schwarz

8. Vital Publics of Pure Blood - Thomas Strong

9. Failed Recipients: Biomedical and Relational Technologies of Blood Extraction in a Papua New Guinean Hospital - Alice Street

10. Afterword - Marilyn Strathern
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