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Social Anthropology: Research


Publications and Exhibitions

John Harries. "A Beothuck Indian Skeleton (not) in a Glass Case: Rumours of Bones and the Remembrance of an Exterminated People in Newfoundland." Human Remains in Society (2016)

Laura Major. "Unearthing, untangling and re-articulating genocide corpses in Rwanda." Critical African Studies 7, no. 2 (2015): 164-181.
Word of Mouth, a digitally-endabled exhibiton created in a colloboration between Surgeon's Hall Museum, Craigmiller Arts Centre and the Bones Collective at the University of Edinburgh, August - March, 2014-15. 
The Bones Beneath the Face, an interactive installation curated as a fringe event of the 2014 
meeting of the Association of Social Anthropologists (ASA) at the University of Edinburgh

Joost Fontein. "Remaking the Dead, Uncertainty and the Torque of Human Materials in Northern Zimbabwe." Governing the Dead: Sovereignty and the Politics of Dead Bodies (2014): 114-142.
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  • Joost Fontein & John Harries, "The vitality and efficancy of human substances" 
  • Isak Niehaus, "Averting danger: taboos and bodily substances in the South African lowveld"
  • Henrietta Nyamnjoh & Michael Rowlands, "Do you each Achu here? Nurturing as a way of life in a Cameroon diaspora
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  • Florence Bernault, "Carnal technologies and the double life of the body in Gabon"
  • Diana Espirito Santo, Katerina Kerestetzi & Anastasios Panagiotopoulos, "Human substances and onotological transformations in the African-inspired ritual complex of Palo Monte in Cuba"

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Joost Fontein. "Graves, ruins, and belonging: towards an anthropology of proximity." Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 17.4 (2011): 706-727.
Smugglerius Unveiled, an installation created by Joan Smith and Jeanne Canizzo and exhibited at the Talbort Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, centring on the cast of a flayed man known as ‘Smugglerius’ found in the collections of Edinburgh College of Art and exploring issues of identity and mortality, January 2010.
Cara Krmpotich, Joost Fontein, and John Harries (eds). "The substance of bones: the emotive materiality and affective presence of human remains", SPECIAL ISSUE of the Journal of Material Culture 15, no. 4 (2010)
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  • Elizabeth Hallam, "Articulating bones: an epilogue"