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Social Anthropology: Research


Anthropology of Christianity Working Group

Over the course of the last fifteen years, the anthropology of Christianity has become an important subfield in the discipline, and the University of Edinburgh has emerged as a leading institution in this area, with a strong group of graduate students and staff studying Christian communities around the world.  The university is also the web home for the Anthropology of Christianity Bibliographic blog (better known as “AnthroCyBib”), which is the only regularly updated, searchable bibliography of new research in the anthropology of Christianity.  In addition to the bibliography, AnthroCyBib also publishes book reviews, author interviews, occasional papers, and an archive of teaching resources. 

The Anthropology of Christianity Working Group seeks to build on this research expertise by hosting scholars engaged in the study of Christianity, including world-leading figures from the UK, US, and Canada.  The group meets three to four times each semester to discuss a working paper.  In addition, the Anthropology of Christianity working group has supported student conferences and occasional seminar talks.  For more information about the Anthropology of Christianity Working Group, please contact Dr. Naomi Haynes.