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Social Anthropology: Video and Audio Gallery


Video and Audio Gallery

Anthropology Reckons with Covid-19: Diagnosis, Testing and Global Health 

Social Anthropology seminar with Dr Alice Street, Dr Shona Lee, Eva Vernooij, and Dr Michelle Taylor (November 2020)

Munro Lecture - Professor Marisol de la Cadena: 'Nature but not only. Stories from the anthropo-not-seen'

Munro lecture poster

Dr Ayaz Qureshi: HIV prevention, public morality and religious leaders in Pakistan.

Social Anthropology Seminar (September 2018)

Imagining Recuration (May 2018)

Imagining Recuration from Elspeth Parsons on Vimeo.

Professor Tobias Kelly, Inaugural Lecture: Against Conscience (January 2018)

Professor Nasar Meer and Professor Jonathan Spencer: Anthropology & Race: A Conversation.

Social Anthropology Seminar (November 2017)

Professor Janet Carsten on the Kinship of Anthropology

Social Science Bites (January 2016):

'The study of kinship, long the bread and butter of the anthropologist, has lost a bit of its centrality in the discipline, in large part, suggests Janet Carsten, because it became dry and fusty and associated mostly with the nuclear family. But as one of the leading exponents of what might be called the second coming of kinship studies, Carsten, a professor of social and cultural anthropology at the University of Edinburgh, has (literally) brought new blood into the field, exploring kinship’s nexus with politics, work and gender.'

Dr Siobhan Magee: Global Clothing and Poverty; Fur Inheritance in Poland

BBC Radio 4: Thinking Allowed (March 2015)

Fur, family and inheritance. Siobhan Magee, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, discusses her research into the convention of passing down fur clothes from grandmother to granddaughter in the Polish middle class.